Friday, October 26, 2018

First chilling morning of the coming winter

Early sun rays melts the frost
Around 5:13 a.m. I was awaken through my dream that I forgot the moment I knew it was a dream. It was extremely cold morning I’ve ever experienced this year and it is a sign that winter has approached very close. As I couldn't belief, I checked window and door but found them shut. Then I realised from where chilling wind entered my room; it was from the hole of a wall. It is apparent to say that cold weather holds you to stay with blankets. My likeness to stay with warm clothes in Bumthang has began today and soon it will be a much talked topic in the nearby vicinity. There will be this cliché ‘It is cold’ in everybody's mouth. I am also sure betelnuts, betel pepper and lime will have more demands in the business market. Maybe it is an opportunity for business operators such as doma sellers to contribute in the business growth? Pun not intended. 

Early sunrise around 8:30 a.m. 
Being a selfish me, I've shifted my desire from one after another in search of good, than to better and than to best and so on and on. I complain too much; when I'm in cold and when I'm in hot. For this reason I'm neither fish nor fowl. Where do I find my aspired place? Where? 

Do I need to thank Sun for warming or won't it burn me other day? I'm afraid. 

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